Welcome to Equinoxe...

I mainly use this site as my electronic
photo album. You'll find photos from
many different destinations in the

I bought this domain right after
Jean Michel Jarre's concert in
Denmark 2002. "Equinoxe" is the title
of one of his albums.

The picture I have used as background
is "Le Trac" by the French artist
Michel Granger
. The painting was
used as the cover of Jarre's album
"Equinoxe". I have his permission to
use the painting here. Use the link
to see other of his artworks.

Enjoy your stay, Jane
Jean Michel Jarre's
Aero concert

at Gammel Vraa Enge
visit in Denmark

Denmark and Copenhagen
Solar Eclipse in Turkey
March 29th, 2006

... always under construction :-)

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