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About this site

This site is my attempt to provide a very brief summary of the aircraft that took part in the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), plus some other information, hopefully useful to anyone interested in building scale models of these aircraft. There are probably still many omissions and errors - If you can provide corrections, additions, or more information, please let me know.

The primary sections of the site - Those dealing with the aircraft that took part in the Spanish Civil War, those that may have taken part, and those which did not take part, but which have some connection, are heavily based on the Gerald Howson's 1990 book Aircraft of the Spanish Civil War 1936-1939. I must admit to being a little hesitant at relying so heavily on a single source, but to date this is definitely the most comprehensive and well-researched work on the subject (especially combined with the additional information published in his 1998 book Arms for Spain). The author himself acknowledges that it is far from the last word on the subject however, and I am always happy to hear alternative views and evidence.

The site is designed to work best on a computer with a screen resolution of 800x600 pixels or higher, and for a browser capable of displaying frames.

Please feel free to contact me at DRNash@bio.ku.dk with any comments or suggestions, although I can't guarantee that I will get back to you very quickly or at all (but you might be lucky!). This is a hobby site that I maintain in my spare time, and there seems to be less and less of that these days...

David Nash, Copenhagen

Navigating the site

There are basically 11 pages that make up this site, as outlined below. Navigate between them by clicking on the icons at the top and bottom of the page. The pages are in various different states of completion, so please excuse the mess. I plan to add individual pages for all the aircraft types mentioned in the near future, which will allow me to (slowly) include much more information.

The home page of the site.
This page.
A page dealing with the background of the air war in Spain. This page is very rudimentary at the moment. I intend to eventually have sections here dealing with aviation in the 1930s, an outline of the Spanish Civil War and particularly the ways the various different aircraft came to be in Spain.
A page listing the aircraft that are documented to have taken part in the Spanish Civil War, and giving some additional information, such as the Republican or Nationalist type codes for each aircraft. The aircraft list should be pretty complete now, but I hope to add more notes about many aircraft. There are over 100 small images here, so be warned the page may take some time to load!
A page listing the aircraft that may have taken part in the Spanish Civil War, but for which documentary evidence is poor or absent. There may still be a few more additions here, and I hope to add more notes.
A page listing the aircraft that did not take part in the Spanish Civil War, but which have either erroneously been reported to have taken part, or which were obtained by one side or the other, but never reached Spain. There may be a few more additions here in the future.
A page dealing with the markings applied to aircraft in Spain before, during and after the Spanish Civil War. This includes both identification codes and colour schemes. This page is now much more complete, but still needs some polishing.
A page dealing with building scale models of the aircraft of the Spanish Civil War from commercially available kits. I have various plans for this page, but at the moment it simply lists all the kits of which I am aware.
A page with news updates about the site.
A page with a list of reference materials that I have used in compiling the site.
A page of links to related sites. This page is very small at the moment. If you know of a site which should be linked, please let me know.


I take full responsibility for all the errors, inaccuracies and spelling mistakes in this site, but am grateful to many people for additions, corrections and interesting discussions, not to mention the odd complement, which makes me sometimes think that I'm doing something useful. The following is a list of people who have made valuable contributions to the site, and to whom I am extremely grateful - sorry if I've missed anyone out!: Sergey Andreev, Michal Beran, Bill Brown, Manuel Alonso Comerma, Pascal Delrieu, Michal Derela, Mats Engstrom, David Gesalí, David Goldman and Kyle, Gerald Howson, Peter Ibes, David Johnson, Jakub Marszalkiewicz, Grzegorz Mazurowski, Juan Millan, Gustavo Necca, Björn Nordin, Nicolas Protonotarios, Manuel Rodriguez Valverde, Antonio Romero, Labros Skartsis, Paul Ward, Paul Whelan.

Page last modified:Sunday, May 27, 2007
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