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Sunday February 2 2020

Removed all the currently broken links from my links page, and added a link to "The Cars, Tanks and Airplanes of WWII" - Thanks to David Golman and espacially Kyle. I hope to add additional links when I have more time.

Friday July 12 2019

I have finally moved the site to my own server, where I can more easily edit and maintain the content. The new address is http://equinoxe.dk/SCWaircraft/. I hope to update the most outdated content soon, and even add some new bits. For example, I have added new information and profiles of several prototype aircraft tested by the Condor Legion, such as the prototypes of the Henschel Hs 123 and Junkers Ju 87.

Tuesday March 26 2019

After another long period of inactivity, I have given the modelling page a long-needed update, including lots of information from scalemates.com, as well as other new kit releases that I am aware of - of course I always welcome additions or corrections.

Friday April 14 2017

Around 6 months ago, the site was moved, lock-stock-and-barrel to http://bioold.science.ku.dk/drnash/model/Spain/ - This was as a result of all the old personal pages hosted by the department of biology being moved, and was beyond my control - I hope everyone managed to keep up with the move. I am contemplating moving the site to my own server at some point, but it will stay here for the time being.

It has been far too long since anything was updated, so I have been doing a little tidying up, as well as updating the modelling page to catch up on some of the last 4 years of kit releases (although I know that many will have slipped through the net...).

The site is definitely showing it's age, so I will probably do some "under-the-bonnet" upgrading in the near future, and maybe some more major updates (e.g.. I am very aware that I don't give any information on sources or copyright of images, which is a major omission), 'though I can't say exactly when...

Sunday January 13 2013

A long-needed update to the modelling page to catch up on some releases since 2010!

Sunday July 18 2010

A very minor update to the modelling page - there hasn't been much new out this year so far.

Sunday January 3 2010

A start-of-year update to the modelling page, mostly catching up on new-releases, and those slated for 2009 which never appeared. Omega models in particular have released some very interesting kits in 2009.

Monday May 25, 2009

Another major update to the modelling page. I have now added separate columns to the kit list for 1:144 and 1:32 scale kits, given the increased interest in these scales in recent years.

Saturday March 21, 2009

A major update to the modelling page, reflecting recent kit releases and announcements. I have also added the Letov S-131 to the aircraft that may have participated page, 'though I am rather dubious about this.

Tuesday October 21, 2008

After a long silence, I've made a few updates to the modelling page, mostly reflecting new releases.

Monday March 31, 2008

I've added a couple of new entries to the aircraft that didn't participate page (He 114 and Ju 88), plus updated some of the profiles on that page (Catalina) and the aircraft that participated page (Fiat G8, Farman 184), based on José Luis González Serrano's book "Las unidades y el material del ejercito del aire durante la segunda guerra mundial". I plan to add a few more profiles in the coming days. I have also made some minor updates to the modelling page to reflect new releases and announced kits.

Saturday December 22, 2007

After a long silence, I've made a few updates to the modelling page, mostly reflecting new releases, particularly by Omega models. I have also incorporated some new profiles from these kits.

Sunday May 27, 2007

A major update to the Bf 109 page, after getting a couple of pictures of 6•2 from Steven Eisenman, and incorporating some of the information from Ritger (2005). I have also received an excellent book on the Grumman Delfin from David Gesalí, which also contains very valuable information about the Gourdous, Letovs and GP1. I have added this to the references page (together with a few additional references). It is available from various places in Europe, including the aviation megastore, but outside Europe interested people should contact David direct. I have used (with permission) a couple of the profiles from the book on the aircraft that participated page. I have also implemented Cascading Style Sheets for the site - I hope they work as expected (please let me know if not). Finally, I have made another small update to the modelling page based on recent kit releases.

Saturday March 10, 2007

Another update to the modelling page based on recent kit releases (particularly the new kit lists from Model Airplane International), and to reflect the change in year.

Tuesday November 7, 2006

A small update to the modelling page based on recent kit releases and purchases.

Friday September 15, 2006

Another small update to the modelling page, adding several kits from Kiwi Resins. Many thanks to Nicolas Stache for letting me know about these releases.

Sunday August 13, 2006

A small update to the modelling page based on recent kit releases and announcements.

Sunday April 23, 2006

I have added the Aekke-Raab R-27 and R-29 to the Aircraft that may have participated page, following some information from Labros Skartsis. If anyone has any more information about these planes, I would be interested to hear. The modelling page has been updated based on the usual annual kit lists in Scale Aviation Modeller International, Scale Aircraft Modelling and the new Model Airplane International. I also updated the caption to the Fokker IX on the Aircraft that participated page, thanks to an error pointed out by Evert Schaap.

Saturday April 1, 2006

Another small update to the modelling page to catch up with a few new releases and some new purchases. I have also changed the access counter to use StatCounter, as NedStat has now started using pop-up advertisements.

Monday February 20, 2006

A small update to the modelling page to catch up with a few new releases and some new purchases.

Tuesday January 10, 2006

Happy New Year to everyone. Just a couple of small updates today, to the modelling page, and to the Bf 109 page (which will undergo a more major update in the near future).

Saturday September 24, 2005

Some more small updates to the modelling page, following some kit releases by MPM and kit announcements by Classic Airframes.

Sunday September 4, 2005

I've finally added the missing "Codes & Markings" link to the front page, and done some more small additions to the modelling page.

Sunday August 21, 2005

Well, 6 months wasn't enough, unfortunately - Such are the pressures of modern academic life that I've not had a chance to finish the model I was planning to build for the Spanish Civil War group build. I've now finally finished my fieldwork for the year, so I hope to do a bit of catching up in the next few weeks. In the meantime I've made a few small updates to the modelling page to reflect recent and planned releases.

Saturday February 5, 2005

I've just found out about a great modelling project that Mark Miller has originated - A group build of models of Spanish Civil War aircraft. I'm certainly going to try to participate (6 months should be enough to complete a model, shouldn't it?), and I hope others will too. You can click on the banner below to go to www.nakatomitower.com/spanish/ - There is also a discussion forum hosted by the Aircraft Resource Centre that can be accessed through that site.

Sunday January 30, 2005

Another very minor update to the modelling page, catching up on new releases and tidying up the planned releases for 2004 which never materialized. One day soon I hope to find time to do some more major updates.

Wednesday March 25, 2004

A very minor update to the modelling page, reflecting some recent kit purchase and the 2004 kit list published in the March 2004 issue of Scale Aviation Modeller International. As usual, this has been my busiest time of year, so updates are largely on hold. Although I have been doing some work on my proposed new layout, I doubt it will be posted before the end of April (although I may try to add the missing "codes and markings" link to the front page before that).

I've also updated the link to Nicolas Protonotarios modelling page, as he has a new address, and an expanded site: http://www.geocities.com/espanavion/

I've added a favicon for the site (you may or may not see this, depending on which browser you use)

Finally, I have a new e-mail address (although the old one will continue to work for some time yet): DRNash@bi.ku.dk

Sunday November 23, 2003

I've now given the site a major structural overhaul, creating a new front page, and new site information, site news and reference material pages. I've also updated a few more profiles, including the American Eaglet and Caproni Ca 135 S.

Tuesday November 18, 2003

I've made a few small updates to the modelling page having been contacted by Peter van Lune, who runs the Frog Penguin site. These were the first plastic model kits ever produced, starting in 1936, and covered several interesting contemporary subjects with remarkable levels of accuracy and detail.

Sunday November 16, 2003

My work on the site update is progressing well, 'though you won't actually be able to see any differences yet, because it will be a while before the first new pages are ready to post ('though I may try to make a new front page in the meantime, just so it's clear I'm actually doing something...).

In the meantime, I've made a few additions to the links page and updates the modelling page with more new releases, as well as adding new profiles for the Arado Ar 66, Ar 68, Bristol Bulldog, Cierva C-19, Heinkel He 112 V3, V9 and B and Northrop Gamma 2D.

I hope to update the profiles for the American Eaglet and Caproni Ca 135 soon, as they are both of the wrong aircraft at the moment...

Sunday October 26, 2003

Over the next few weeks and months I plan to give the site a major overhaul, so that although the three lists with thumbnail images will remain, they will also link to individual pages for each aircraft type. This will allow me to give more details and larger profiles for each aircraft type. I will also probably change the home page and remove this news section to a separate page.

If there's anything you would like to see on the site, this would be a good time to let me know, so that I may be able to incorporate it in the planning stages.

In the meantime, I've made more updates to the modelling page to reflect recent kit releases, and added some thumbnail images of references to the background page. I've also been looking further into the differences between the models of Messerschmitt Bf 109 that served in Spain to try to determine their number, which have changed my conclusions slightly but not substantially. I have modified and expanded the Bf 109 page accordingly.

Sunday July 26, 2003

As usual, work is taking up most of my time during the summer months, so I've not been able to do much with the site. Today I updated the modelling page with a few new releases and purchases.

Friday April 26, 2003

I've updated more profiles and photographs: Avia BH 33, Bellanca 28-90, Blériot-Spad 56, Blériot-Spad 91, Boeing 100, Breda Ba 64, Caproni Ca 100, Hispano 42, LACAB GR8, Miles Sparrowhawk, Potez 25, Renard-Stampe-Vertongen 32/85,

Monday April 21, 2003

I've added new profiles for several aircraft over the last 10 days, partly as a result of getting hold of a copy of Miranda & Mercado's World aviation in Spain (The civil war) 1936-1939 American and Soviet Airplanes, but mostly because I've finally had some free time to work on the site a bit. The updated profiles include: Aircraft that participated: Arado Ar 95A, Avia 51, Bellanca 28-70, Blériot-Spad 51, Beechcraft 17, Dewoitine D 53 (New), Douglas DC-1, Fiat AS 1, Fleet 10, Liore et Olivier 213, Lockheed 8 Sirius, Monocoupe 90A, Polikarpov UTI-4, Seversky SEV 3, Spartan Executive, Stinson Reliant, Tupolev SB: Aircraft that may have participated: Adaro Chirta, American Eagle-Lincoln Eaglet, Caudron Simoun, Mignet Pou du Ciel. Aircraft that did not participate: Airspeed Courier, Boeing 247, Cutiss Condor, Consolidated 17 Fleetster, Hispano 42 (New), Koolhoven FK 52, Lockheed 12 Electra Junior, Seversky 2PA, Short Scion, Vultee V-11. I hope to update some of the other profiles with which I'm not satisfied in the next few days.

I've also updated the modelling page with some more new and announced releases

Sunday March 23, 2003

I've created a new profile for the Bücker Bü 131 Jungmann, added the Savoia-Marchetti S.M. 75 to the aircraft that participated page, and have modified the Heinkel He 112 sections, including adding the He 112 V8 to the aircraft that might have participated page. I've also dome some more updating of the modelling page with new releases, and written a bit more on the background page, including updating my reference list somewhat.

Sunday, March 16, 2003

I've updated the modelling page with information about recently released kits, and with the 2003 kit listings from the March 2003 issue of Scale Aviation Modeller International.

Wednesday, December 25, 2002 - Wednesday, January 29, 2003

First of all, apologies for the site being down for some time in early January 2003 - This was due to our server room being flooded - e-mails won't have reached me during this period either.

It's been far too long since I've been able to do any updates, so I've been taking a little time to do so over the Christmas holidays:

My plan for the rest of the year is to add a little more information on each type as and when I find the time. As usual, any contributions that others can make would be most welcome, as would any suggestions for additions to the site ('though I already know that 2003 will be a busy year for me).

One bit of very good news is that Gerald Howson's Aircraft of the Spanish Civil War 1936-1939 seems to be readily available again, 'though I hope that won't mean a delay in his planned second edition.

Sunday, April 7, 2002

I've updated a few profiles, and updated the modelling page, based on the 2002 announcements of kits in Scale Aircraft Modelling and Scale Aviation Modeller international. I've separated the GL-32 and GL-633 on the aircraft that participated page, but they both have the same profile for the time being. I've also added a couple of new links (Spanish civil aircraft registrations, and Fokker G-1) to the links page.

Friday, March 1, 2002

I've added the PZL P11n to the Aircraft that didn't participate page, based on information provided by Jakub Marszalkiewicz, who also provided me with one of his own profiles for the PZL P24/iii. I've made some minor updates to the modelling page, based mostly on kit announcements from the Air & Sea Models site.

Sunday, January 20, 2002

I've found a bit of time to work on the Bf 109 page that I've been promising. This is a first draught, without the pictures that should be there, but if you want to know what the general argument is, you can check it out. Feedback or comments on this page would be most welcome! E-mail me at DRNash@zi.ku.dk

Monday, January 14, 2002

I've updated the profiles of the Fi 156A/B and Fi156C (see below) and added the Caproni Ca 101 to the Aircraft that didn't participate page. I've also added more kits to the modelling page based on the list of Italian aircraft kits given on the IPMS Italy web site.

Sunday, January 13, 2002

I've tidied up the Modelling page, removing all those MPM/Azur kits that were slated to appear in 2001 according to Scale Aircraft Modelling & Scale Aviation Modeller International last year, but sadly failed to materialise (I thought they were too good to be true!). However, in partial compensation, I discovered the Aeroclub web site, which allows on-line ordering of their kits, conversion and accessories, as well as those of several more obscure manufacturers (e.g. Broplan, AJP Maquettes) - I found some additional kits for the list here. It also look from their catalogue as though A-model should release a couple of Spanish Civil War Russian aircraft kits (looks like an I-15 and R-Z) during 2002 (Thanks Mats!).

Saturday, January 12, 2002

A very minor update - I've added a new profile of the Fairchild KR 22 (Thanks David Gesalí!) and the Macchi 18, and I've also added the Fieseler Fi 156 C to the Aircraft that participated page. I've added this aircraft based on careful examination of photographs of Storchs in Spain which suggest that those aircraft coded 46•1 to 46•2 were Fi 156 A's (or possibly B's) and those coded 46•3 to 46•5 were early Fi 156 C's. I hope, in due course, to add a page with more details about this (along with pages about the Bf 109 and I-16), 'though I have no idea when I'll find the time.

Sunday, 2 December 2001

I've finally done a little bit of updating to the site - updating several profiles, and adding a couple of civil aircraft used by the Condor Legion for transport and communications between Germany and Spain. I've also done a bit of updating to the model list, 'though there are still some gaps. Particular thanks are due to Michal Derela and Gustavo Necca for various pictures (not all included yet).

Friday, May 18, 2001

I've updated several of the aircraft profiles, thanks to some new image sources. I'm particularly grateful to David Gesalí for providing some of the new profiles. I hope to provide a page soon dealing with the different types of Messerschmitt Bf 109 that fought in Spain, in an effort to try to clarify some common errors.

Monday, May 7, 2001

It's been a busy weekend - I've made several additions to the Aircraft that didn't participate page, catching up on some old information and also incorporating some information provided by Juan Millan via Mats Engstrom. I've also added the RWD 8 to the Aircraft that might have participated page. On the Aircraft that participated page I corrected an error with the Miles aircraft, and made a colour profile for the pattern Fokker D.XXI, based on the article in Insignia magazine, issue 10 (November 1998). There have also been a few minor changes to the model kit list.

Tuesday, May 1, 2001

It's been a while since I've made any significant updates to the site, as I've been pretty busy with work for the last month (although you may have noticed a couple of new or modified aircraft profiles). As the only feedback I got about the "frames" site was a single message saying that it made the site more difficult to print and took too much screen space, I've reverted to a non-frames version of the site. Please let me know if you have any comments.

I've also done some minor tidying up, adding new NedStat counter code, and updating the model kit list (mostly with new additions to my own collection plus a few due kits that have now been released). Over the past month I've also stared an e-mail correspondence with Gerald Howson, that has been very illuminating, although it hasn't yet resulted in any additions to the site.

Monday, March 26, 2001

Today I added the models listed by Miranda & Mercado to the modelling page, plus a few others that I tracked down. There have also been a few additions to other pages.

Monday, March 19, 2001

I've added a few more kits to the modelling page, and marked all the kits that I have personally in a slightly different colour, in case anyone is interested in any more details. I have made new profiles for the Messerschmitt M23, Me35 and Klemm 25.

Friday, March 16, 2001

I've now posted the updates to the Codes and Markings page that I made on Tuesday, plus a couple more kits added to the modelling page.

Tuesday, March 13, 2001

I've expanded the list of model kits of Spanish Civil War aircraft on my modelling page by incorporating those in the collection of Nicolas Protonotarios, plus a few gleaned from recent issues of Scale Aircraft Modelling and Scale Aviation Modeller international. I've also added the long-overdue acknowledgements section above. I hope to add the last remaining pictures to the Codes and Markings page later today, but it probably won't be posted 'til tomorrow or Thursday.

Monday, March 12, 2001

I think I've finally got the access counter working - sort of - It stubbornly refused to move up from "1" all of yesterday! I must now learn not to write over the file that keeps track of the counts with an older version :-) I've also updated the references section of the background page, expanded the links page, and the codes and markings page is now in a much more healthy state.

Sunday, March 11, 2001

Instigated this news page!

I have made yet another reorganization of the site. I hope this will make it easier to view, navigate and maintain. I haven't had a chance to check the site on PC browsers (it's built on a Mac), so if there are any problems, please let me know. I have become increasingly aware of the effects of font size differences on different platforms, so I have reduced the size of the font used for aircraft names, which should lead to a better display on many browser. I've also changed the navigation bar to be entirely image based - This should also improve consistency of the site on different browsers - I hope it won't cause too many problems.

The old introduction page has now been split into separate home, background and links pages, but the content remains largely unchanged - I still have lots of work to do!. I have also been told by MyComputer.com that they'll be ending their free counter service on 1st April 2001, so I've tried to set up a counter using front page extensions - Unfortunately this seems to require starting the access count again from 1.

As always, if you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know. I hope to add some acknowledgements to the site soon, as I have received a lot of valuable feedback and contributions which have so far gone largely unacknowledged.

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