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Aircraft that may have participated in the Spanish Civil War

Included here are aircraft that were known to be in Spain at the outbreak of the civil war, but whose participation in the conflict is not recorded, plus some aircraft that are reported to have been used in Spain, but for which there is no documentary evidence.

Adaro I.E.7


Aero A 102 There is a report of a high-winged monoplane fighter being used by the Republicans which does not fit the description of any of the aircraft that took part. By a process of elimination, it has been suggested that it may have been the prototype Aero A 102, but there is no additional evidence for this.

Aeronca C -3

American Eagle-Lincoln
Eaglet B-31

Avro 504K

Blackburn L. 1C

Bluebird IV

Bloch 300

Breguet 27S

Breguet-Wibault 670T

Bristol F2B

Caudron C-510


Caudron C-635


Dewoitine D 31-01

Dewoitine D 35

Farman F-200

Farman F-400 series

Farman F-430 series

González Gil-Pazó GP-2

Gourdou-Leseurre GL-410

Gourdou-Leseurre GL-482

Hanriot HD-14/17

Heinkel He 112 V8 According to Bernád (1996), the He 112 V8 prototype served very briefly in Spain, coded 8•1, but suffered engine problems, and was returned to Germany. Howson gives 8•1 as the code assigned to a Breda Ba 64.

Junkers G 24

Klemm L 20

Klemm L 25

Koolhoven FK 40

Letov S 131 Omega models started marketing a kit of this aircraft in Republican markings in 2008 - They usually do good research, but I still don't know what this kit is based on ('though a profile of the type has appeared in a rather dodgey Russian book)

Letov S 431

Letov S 328

Lioré et Olivier 20

Loire 250

Loring E-11

Loring X

Nieuport-Delage NiD 82



Mignet H.M. 14

Pou du Ciel

Morane-Saulnier MS-60
License-built de Havilland DH 60 Moth. Some of the DH 60s in Spain have been identified by contemporary accounts as MS-60s, but it is unclear whether this was true.

Morane-Saulnier MS-345 The aircraft shown to the left is a MS-340, but the MS-345 should have been similar in appearance.

P.W.S. 16 20 PWS 16s were sold to Portugal by Poland when they were replaced by PWS 26s in Polish service. There are rumours that many of these aircraft were diverted to the Republicans, although this is unlikely given the enmity between Portugal and the Spanish republic.

Pallarols 40A

Aekka-Raab R-27 Antonius Raab designed this fighter, which was manufactured in Greece and apparently shipped to Spain. The image on the left is a hypothetical layout based on it being derived from his earlier Raab-Katzenstein RK.25. For more information, see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AEKKEA-RAAB

Aekka-Raab R-29
No image available - Can you help?
Antonius Raab designed this parasol-winged fighter, which was manufactured in Greece and apparently shipped to Spain. For more information, see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AEKKEA-RAAB

Romeo Ro-5

RWD 8 At least one RWD 8 was based in Spain before the Civil War, but whether it survived to take part in the conflict is not known.

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