Wedding Gifts

This is going to be an expensive time for us, as not only are we getting married, but we have bought a house (see above), and are having the kitchen and bathroom modernised. We also already have almost all the electrical appliances and household goods we need (often twice over!), and don't fancy lugging a lot of stuff back from the U.K. to Denmark. So, although it may seem boring and mercenary, the best gift for us would be a donation to our honeymoon/house-furninshing fund. There are a few things that we will definitely need, which we have listed below (and which we will update a few times before the wedding, we hope), so if you would like to contribute towards a particular item, we'll be happy to let you know what we got for the money :-)

Approx cost (£)
Approx cost (DKK)
Honeymoon - watching the July 2009 solar eclipse in China
A new double bed (we only have an old sofa bed at the moment!)
Coffee table
Hedge trimmer
A good general gardening book (now we have a garden!)

Below are details of our new joint bank account, into which you are welcome to transfer any ammount you feel appropriate. If you are in the U.K., and don't want to be bothered with international bank transfers, you can also write a cheque to David, and he'll transfer it to the joint account.

David & Jane's Joint Bank Account
Bank Danske Bank
Branch Lyngbyvej Afdeling
Account holder 8496466358 - DAVID & JANE
Reg number 0260
Account number 4616196405
IBAN DK8230004616196405

For bank transfers within Denmark, you should just need the Reg. number and Account number, for international, the IBAN should contain all the information you need.

Last updated: Friday, September 12, 2008