Where to stay

Islip is a pretty small place, so there is very little accommodation in the village (basically one bed and breakfast, which is already booked).

If you don't have your own transport, then staying in Oxford is probably the best bet. There are many options in Oxford, ranging from privately run guesthouses and B&Bs through various hotels, to the Randolph hotel. Some of the the university colleges also let out student rooms outside term time (which includes September).

If you want to get the cheapest accommodation possible, the youth hostel in Oxford is very convenient (it's right next to the railway station), or there are a couple of cheap hostels about 500m from the station, "Central backpackers" and "Oxford backpackers"

If you have your own car, then the Talkhouse at Stanton St. John (about 5km from Islip) have a few rooms in a nice rural settting (and also excellent food!) - We'll be staying there the night after the wedding.

The Travelodge near Bicester is cheap as far as local hotels go, but is a bit too far out of town to make staying there and taking the train to Islip very practical.

Last updated: Tuesday, September 9, 2008